Armed Patrol Visits

This option provides for a minimum of 4 visits to your location in a 12 hr period. This allows for those customers who may prefer to maintain their own private security already in place but want to have the option of a well-trained armed response team check their locations/guards and provide an added layer of secured coverage or provide a check on your premises throughout the night even if no static guard is employed.

Dedicated emergency numbers ensures prompt contact with our base that allows us to alert our teams to any immediate security concerns of our clients. The patrols are staffed by highly trained armed ranks who are equipped with the necessary equipment to provide for the requirements of their mission.

We know that night time period is a time for unwinding and relaxing with family and loved ones in the safety and comfort of one’s home and the worth of a good night’s rest is practically invaluable. We recognize that the night hours are when we are most vulnerable whether it is home or at our place of business, so emphasis is placed on our armed patrol services during a 7pm to 7am period.