About Us

Queensway Security Service Inc. is pleased to introduce a premium service aimed at providing you the peace of mind that you deserve. Security has become the number one concern for everyone, from the safety of our loved ones to the protection of our homes and businesses.

Armed robberies, home invasions and commonplace thefts feature prominently in the daily headlines and serve as a reminder of the challenges we all face in maintaining a secure and peaceful environment for ourselves.

Queensway Security Service Inc. recognizes the need for a higher quality of service in the industry to provide customers with the peace of mind and value for money they deserve.

All personnel are vetted and receive full background checks and are then sworn as Supernumerary Constables by the Guyana Police Force. They are provided with training in the use of firearms, firefighting equipment and first aid. Staffed by competent and well trained ranks and supervised by an experienced and qualified team of security professionals, Queensway Security Service Inc. is a complete security service provider.